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China Li-ion Electric Drill

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Product Description Model:HK-LD18 Rated Input Power:850W MAX. drilling dia.concrete:22mm steel:13mm wood:28mm brick(use hollow drill bit):68mm Idle speed0-1400rpm Voltage220V Frequency50Hz Packing61.832.329.5cm G.W./N.W.:16.8/16

Charging drill is a hand drill with a lithium-ion battery or nickel-cadmium battery that can be recharged repeatedly. This hand drill does not require external power supply work, it is suitable for use in the field or no power supply.

Routine maintenance editor 1. Charging operation to have a professional staff to take care of, charging process to ensure good contact with the plug, to ensure that the charging equipment is working properly to ensure that the battery pack contacts the good contact. If abnormal, need to be repaired before charging; 2. Check the status of battery voltage, temperature and pressure difference on the display of BMS before charging and discharging to ensure that all the values are within the normal range. 3. If there is a large amount of dust, metal chips or other debris on the top cover and pole of the battery pack, clean it with compressed air in time and avoid using water or water-soaked objects for cleaning; 4. When charging and discharging try to avoid splashing water or other conductive objects on the battery cover and pole, such as exposure to heavy rain; 5. According to the actual state of the battery or battery pack to estimate the battery charging time and discharge time, pay attention to observe the battery or battery pack abnormalities at the end of charging and the end of discharge, such as battery voltage differenceChina Li-ion Electric Drill website:

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