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Aluminum Heat Sink Plate manufacturers

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Committed to the manufacturing and processing of metal dies, metal stamping die, automotive dies and accessories, home appliances.electronic parts, mechanical design and manufacturing,to provide our customers with a perfect mechanical automation solutions. Having a long term cooperation with well-known enterprises: Johnson Controls 、HITACHI、BMW、Honda、HYUNDAI 、KIA、BAIC MOTOR、SUMSUNG、 PHILIPS etc. Now, HongNeng Tool& Die by virtue of its geographical location, and footsteps away across the Pacific and Eurasia to the United States, South America, Middle East,Europe , Asia ,Southeast Asia and other countries, has won wide recognition from customers. An integrated management processes that HongNeng Tool& Die has set up in sales . Established a open and fair international sales network platform. SPC, FMEA as means of control, to provide customers with pre-sale, sale, sale and full-service. Each of honesty, integrity, and innovative genius HongNeng people,every excellence of products and competitive prices,is a stronger backing we continue to move forward.we constantly beyond ourselves all the way and determined to become the industry benchmark in the tool& die and stamping dies! Aluminum Heat Sink Plate manufacturers website: website2:

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