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China Wheel Alignment suppliers

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3D Wheel Alignment Machine Aligner Features Three-dimension measurement technology – The measurement technology is based on car body, which is more accurate and stable. Camera measurement system – two cameras work with four targets, which starts revolutionary measurement era. Target – No electronic components, replace the traditional electronic sensor and remove the possible device failure caused by circuit. Calibration – Machine only need one RCP calibration after installation, the procedure is simple and no periodic calibration needed. Software system – Simple operation can read all the basic wheel alignment data within two minutes. Aligner Advantages -No wiring and electronic components can avoid measurement problem which caused by sensor failure or malfunction. -The measurement accuracy will not affected by vehicle and lift platform parallelism. -No wheel and rim compensation needed during operation, which improves accuracy, reliability and working efficiency. Specifications ItemsFront wheel measurement precisionFront wheel measurement rangeRear wheel measurement precisionRear wheel measurement range TOE±0.02±20°±0.02±20° CAMBER±0.02±15°±0.02±15° S.A.I±0.02±26°×× CASTER±0.02±26°×× THRUST ANGLE××±0.02±5° Wheel alignment machine and accessoriesChina Wheel Alignment suppliers website:

93 次点击