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Gitlab:我们怎样看待 Github 私有仓库免费的

一颗香菜 • 5 月前 • 58 次点击  

GitHub just launched free private repos with up to three collaborators. I like to think that increased competition from us (GitLab) contributed to this change – as one Hacker News commenter stated, "Thank you GitLab for providing market competition forcing GitHub to consider this!"

Some history

When we originally announced I made the main point that it would have private repos for free. I think it is great for beginner users that private repos on GitHub are now free. If you're starting to program and aren't ready to share your code with the world yet, you don't have to have a paid account to keep it private.

At the time, I was very disappointed to learn that already offered the same. GitLab took off despite that and recently surpassed 10 million projects.

Looking ahead

At GitLab we think that repositories will become a commodity. I think Microsoft will try to generate more revenue with people using Azure more instead of paying for repos. We're focusing on making a single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle that can replace a lot of other tools. Or, as Stavros Korokithaki phrased it: "My move to GitLab was basically 'Come for the free repos, stay for the rest of the amazing features.' I will not be moving off it, and my new repos will keep being on GitLab."

We think the long-term trend is multi-cloud and we'll keep shipping with our 2,000 other contributors to make this a reality.

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