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Elevator suppliers

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Intelligent management system IC card intelligent recognition system and authority management function achieves perfect combination of elevator control technology and computer communication technology, which greatly strengthen the security and intelligence of building management. Permanent magnet synchronous gearlesssystem Low heat loss and minimum operation cost, work efficiency is as high as 95%, 40% of energy saving compare with conventional technology. At the same time without the need for complex lubrication system, completely solved the problem of environmental pollution caused by the leakage of the traditional machine, and met the requirement of non-maintenance of motor and environmental protection. Energy feedback device Collect and store electric energy of no-load operation of elevator and then make feedback to elevator (electric mode) for use, saving more than 60% energy for elevator. LED automatic illumination system Adopt LED lamp, saving more than 85% energy compared with traditional incandescent light bulb and fluorescent lamp; at the meantime, after certain period with no call and waiting command, the illumination inside lift car will be automatically turned off, reaching the purpose of energy conservation.Elevator suppliers website:

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