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Pre-insulated Duct Cutting Tools China

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UNTDuct System offers a complete product line, providing all materials, tools and accessories necessary for the effective fabrication of ductwork. A complete set of professional hand tools and manual fabrication equipment has been specifically developed to enable the efficient and economical fabrication of phenolic/ polyurethane/ PIR pre-insulated ductwork. Ease of portability provides the option for on-site fabrication. Each component has been rigorously tested in the field, in a variety of ductwork applications, to the highest performance standards. This ensures that the quality of the materials from which ductwork from UNTDuct System is fabricated, meets the standards required by our company. UNTDuct Manual Cutting Tools for Pre-insulated Duct includes Double 45º/ Cutter /Jack Plane with 45º Dual Blades Left 45ºCutter /Jack Plane Left with 45º Single Blade Right 45º Cutter /Jack Plane Rightwith 45º Single Blade 90º Cutter /Jack Plane 90º Single Blades Spare blades for Cutter Screw driver Thanks to its excellent products and quality services, UNT Duct is one of the leading untduct manual cutting tools for pre-insulated duct manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to buy the high quality and customized products from our factory. We will offer you the best service and fast delivery.Pre-insulated Duct Cutting Tools China website:

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