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grey cast iron grade 250 supplier

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Product Description and Process nodular graphite cast iron fg260 grey iron castings supplier foundry China Production process: green sand molding, pre-coated sand molding and resin sand molding which can produce iron castings from 50 gram to 2000 kilograms Machining process: CNC machine, machining center, lathe, mill machine, drill machine, etc. Surface treatment process: paint coating, electrophoretic coating, electrogalvanizing coating, black oxide coating, powder coating, etc. Product Material and Uses Normally produce with gray iron HT200, HT250, ductile iron 65-45-12, 60-40-18, 80-55-06, 80-60-03, etc. The grey/gray iron casting products are widely used for Auto-cars, trains, trucks, vehicle components, mining machinery components, agricultural machinery parts, textile machinery parts, construction machinery parts, etc. Standard Specifications Below is a reference chart of other ASTM standards affecting grey iron. ASTM A395 & ASME SA395: ferritic ductile iron pressure-retaining castings for use at elevated temperatures ASTM A439: austenitic ductile iron castings ASTM A476 & ASME SA476: ductile iron castings for paper mill dryer rolls ASTM A536 & SAE J434: ductile iron castings ASTM A571 & ASME SA571: austenitic ductile iron castings for pressure-containing parts suitable for low-temperature service ASTM A874: ferritic ductile iron castings suitable for low-temperature service ASTM A897: austempered ductile iron castings grey cast iron grade 250 supplier website:

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