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【出版】Digital Journalism:2020年第1期

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News: Mobiles, Mobilities and Their Meeting Points


News: Mobiles, Mobilities and Their Meeting Points

Andrew Duffy, Rich Ling, Nuri Kim, Edson Tandoc Jr. & Oscar Westlund


Witnessing a Disaster: Public Use of Digital Technologies in the 2015 South Indian Floods

Subin Paul & Sujatha Sosale

The Effects of Mobile Push Notifications on News Consumption and Learning

Natalie Jomini Stroud, Cynthia Peacock & Alexander L. Curry

Mapping the Mobile DNA of News. Understanding Incidental and Serendipitous Mobile News Consumption

Kristin Van Damme, Marijn Martens, Sarah Van Leuven, Mariek Vanden Abeele & Lieven De Marez

Value Emergence in the Usage of Mobile News Alerts

Leena Mäkelä, Mika Boedeker & Nina Helander

The Persistence of the Popular in Mobile News Consumption

Jacob L. Nelson

Mobile but Not Mobilized? Differential Gains from Mobile News Consumption for Citizens’ Political Knowledge and Campaign Participation

Jakob Ohme

What’s New about Whatsapp for News? A Mixed-Method Study on News Outlets’ Strategies for Using WhatsApp

Karin Boczek & Lars Koppers

Making the 21st Century Mobile Journalist: Examining Definitions and Conceptualizations of Mobility and Mobile Journalism within Journalism Education

Matthew N. Bui & Rachel E. Moran


Understanding Mobile News: Looking beyond the Lockscreen

Leopoldina Fortunati & John O’Sullivan

Digital Journalism after Mobility

Gerard Goggin


79 次点击